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Find home warming crafts, homemade housewarming gifts and home decor craft ideas here.

Housewarming Crafts

Housewarming Crafts
Homemade gifts are the most precious gifts to be treasured. Such gifts are priceless, because they encompass the genuine love, and creativity of the person, who has crafted the gift. Homemade gifts are very economical and fun to make. Certain crafts can be used as the perfect homemade gifts for housewarming. Apart from being nice crafts and gifts, they can serve as beautiful art pieces, which you may use to decorate your home. Although the housewarming crafts require some of the artistic skills such as sewing, crocheting and painting, they are quite simple and easy to make. You can also personalize it according to the choice of the individual receiving the gift.

There is a wide variety of housewarming crafts. Some of the popular housewarming crafts are bath ice cream bomb, beaded lampshade, beaded wreath, canopy bed drape, homemade clown pouch, decorative pots, fitted bedspread, humpty-dumpty balloon sculptures, potted plant, rustic light switch plate and sun catcher doilies. Your friends would love to receive beaded lampshade and bath ice cream bombs as housewarming gifts. They make excellent holiday decoration craft projects too. You can let your kids help you in making some of these crafts too. They would give your home an appealing appearance.

Bath Ice Cream Bomb
Bath and body crafts make bathing an altogether different, and much more pleasurable, experience. In this context, one of crafts that come to mind is the bath ice-cream bomb. You can easily bring a spa-like feel to your bath by adding handmade ice-cream bomb in it.

Beaded Lampshade
When it comes to beaded lampshades, there are a lot of possibilities before you. You can use one of the many popular designs, like Victorian beaded lamp shades, beaded chandelier lamp shades and beaded lamp fringe, to decorate your room and make it look attractive.

Beaded Wreath
If you are going for a house warming party and are confused about what present to give, a beaded wreath would be one of the perfect options to go for. Though a bit more expensive than the other bead crafts, the wreath looks quite original as well as extremely beautiful.

Canopy Bed Drape
Canopy bed drape adds a touch of period look to your bed and will certainly bring romanticism back into our lives. You can make this canopy bed drape at home as well. Though it is not too difficult to make, you will certainly need to give your full concentration while making it.

Homemade Clown Pouch
Though clown pouch may require advanced level of sewing skills, it is very useful craft. You can use it to keep letters and envelopes, laundry or your knick-knacks. You can make it longer to keep more clothes, but be sure that it should not be loaded much. It also looks beautiful and funky in kids' room.

Decorative Pots
For moms who love gardening, there is nothing better than a decorative pot to adore the look of their garden. Easy to make, these decorative pots become excellent class craft projects for young children and gifts for moms. Though the beautification done on the pot is extremely attractive to look at

Fitted Bedspread
Fitted bedspreads look beautiful and elegant in a master bed room. While you can buy fitted bedspread from any linen shop, making it on your own can be economical as well as personalized. Moreover, it is advantageous over a throw- over bedspread, which can slip and fall.

Humpty Dumpty Balloon Sculptures
Balloon sculpture is an interesting craft liked by kids and adults alike. Beautifully hand-crafted balloon sculptures are the perfect decoration material for all occasions, whether elegant or pure fun. Make a personal impression with balloon sculptures at weddings, events, holidays, and kid's parties.

Potted Plant
Teacher's Day is a great occasion to express gratitude and thankfulness to your teacher and what better way to articulate the feeling than with a gift. Gifts, have long since, dominated the art of expressing thanks. This Teacher's Day, let your kindergartener make a special gift for his/her teacher. A personalized potted plant can be one of the best bets.

Rustic Light Switch Plate
Perfect for rustic interiors, outdoors, gardens and even to be put on picket fence, rustic light switch plate is quite easy to make. You can also get the kids involved in making the craft, for painting the sticks for the plate and glue them to the light switch plate, but only in the case it has not been installed already.

Suncatcher Doilies
Crochet suncatcher doilies sell like hot cakes at the time of Christmas, because they make delicate, homemade tree decorations. You can use crochet doilies to decorate your Christmas tree. Doilies of all sizes can be hung up on windows, using suction pump, to make an excellent winter sun catchers.