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Canopy Bed Drape is one of the elegant home decor crafts. Learn how to make canopy bed drape here.

Canopy Bed Drape

Canopy bed drape adds a touch of period look to your bed and will certainly bring romanticism back into our lives. You can make this canopy bed drape at home as well. Though it is not too difficult to make, you will certainly need to give your full concentration while making it. For instance, the alignment of fabric, especially if it has patterns on it, is very important. The double-sided drape should be so aligned that the pattern displays look correct from the various angles from which the drape can be viewed. Similarly, using more than one width of fabric also requires aesthetic sense on how to place them. Full-width fabrics should be in the center of the drape, while you may add equally wide fabric at both the sides of the drape as required. Below we have given information about the exact method of making canopy bed drape for you bedroom, just for you.

How To Make Canopy Bed Drape

Materials Required