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Homemade clown pouch is a home decor sewing craft. Making pierrot doll pouch for decoration requires sewing skills.

Homemade Clown Pouch

Though clown pouch may require advanced level of sewing skills, it is very useful craft. You can use it to keep letters and envelopes, laundry or your knick-knacks. You can make it longer to keep more clothes, but be sure that it should not be loaded much. It also looks beautiful and funky in kids' room. It can be either hanged on the door or on the wall. You can experiment with the costume and face of the clown to give it different looks. You can make smiling face or sad face, according to you choice. The beautiful clown pouch is not much difficult to make too. The clown doll craft requires intermediate sewing skills and kids will need the assistance of elders to make it. Given below are the instructions for preparing a homemade clown pouch.

Making Pierrot Doll Pouch For Decoration

Materials Required

Pattern Of Clown's Body
Clown's Clothes