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Bath and Body Crafts

Bath and Body Crafts
Bath and Body crafts are not only fun to make, but also they make bathing entirely a different experience. You can bring a spa-like feel to your bath, by adding illuminated aromatic handmade candles in the bathtub. You may also add bath ice-cream bomb to your bathtub for the bubbling hot water bath that will relax and invigorate you at the same time. Surprise your valentine with a lifetime romantic experience by making beautiful bath and body crafts at home. One of the most popular bath and body crafts is the fragrant body glitter, which is a perfect adornment for girls and women for a party night.

You can make the bath and body crafts for your own purpose. Apart from serving for personal needs, the bath and body crafts can be used as wonderful gift items. Put together in a basket along with some market bought products, and present it to your friend or relative on a special occasion such as Valentines Day, anniversary or wedding. This lovely gift, made by putting your own efforts in it, will certainly be admired by all. In our related section, we have discussed about the various bath and body craft ideas, which will certainly make bathing experience unforgettable.

Bath Ice-cream Bomb
Bath and body crafts make bathing an altogether different, and much more pleasurable, experience. In this context, one of crafts that come to mind is the bath ice-cream bomb. You can easily bring a spa-like feel to your bath by adding handmade ice-cream bomb in it. As you add it to your bathtub, which if already full of warm water, it will relax you and invigorate you at the same time.

Fragrant Body Glitter
Girls are sometimes hard to shop for. Buying gifts for them can therefore, be an intimidating task. However, one thing that almost every woman (weather 16 or 60 years old) will love is a makeup product. Again, the innumerable options for cosmetics can add more confusion.

Handmade Candles
Working with wax as a hobby can be fun and can be profitable, as they can make beautiful, yet inexpensive gifts. Candle making is not difficult for a beginner to learn. It only requires little creativity. You can anytime melt the wax down and start over, for this craft. There are varied kits for candle making available in market, which you can even use for making your candles. Handmade candles can be used for various purposes.