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Find Father's Day crafts, Fathers Day craft projects and Father's Day arts and crafts idea for kids here.

Father's Day Crafts

Father's Day Crafts
Father's day is celebrated to honor one of the most special people in your life - your dad. It is a day when you can express your love and feelings towards your father, dedicating the entire day to him. One of the best ways in which you can make him feel special is by gifting him something that conveys your love effectively. If this is the case, what could be a better option than creating a unique gift on your own? Plan out something which is both practical as well as emotional and makes him feel like the best dad of the world. He will surely be touched by your efforts.

There are many exclusive crafts that can be easily made by kids and presented to their dad on Father's Day. Some of the most popular ones are block printed writing paper, Celtic knot bookmark, keychain for dads, Sherlock Holmes crochet hat, smiley stress ball and tabletop may pole. You can make any one of them, depending upon the nature as well as the interests of your father in mind. In case you want to explore Father's Day crafts further, go through this section of homemade crafts and get all the information that you want.

Blockprinted Writing Paper
Kids love to make different crafts and holidays present the best time for them to try some out. They can make some useful craft to be gifted to their parents or teachers on numerous occasions. In this context, one craft that comes into mind is the block printed writing paper.

Celtic Knot Bookmark
Celtic knot bookmark can be a fun activity for kids and provide them with the perfect gift, to give on birthdays, holidays and family reunions. The bookmark can have several intricate patterns. It is a simple craft, which is very easy to make and can be a fun craft for children.

Key Chain for Dads
Key chain is a great gift that a father will cherish forever. This craft is so easy for kids to make that it becomes a fun activity for them. Give this gift to a dad and you can immediately see the smile on his face.

Map Holder for Kids
Map holders have immense utility and make great craft option for both, teenagers and adults alike. Adventurous kids will love to use their map holders, while playing treasure hunt games. They can actually be used to keep maps safe, while traveling and driving around.

Sherlock Holmes Crochet Hat
If it is Father's Day or your brother's birthday and you want to gift him something different this time, then the idea of making a crochet hat, just like one that Sherlock Holmes used to wear, seems to be quite impressive. Making the hat requires some basic stitches, such as chain stitch, slipstitch, single crochet and double crochet.

Smiley Stress Ball
Whether it's your friend's birthday or Father's Day, you want to gift something really special to these special people in your life. What about a smiley stress ball that can sit on their work desk, reminding them of you whenever they see it? These smiley stress balls are the perfect gift for every occasion.

Tabletop May Pole
Tabletop May Pole that can be used for several purposes, like as a pen holder or for storing small things (in order to clear up your desk and keep it organized) or even as a vase (to decorate the work desk with flowers). So, it makes an interesting gift idea for Father's Day.

Treasure Chest Book
The double-hinged treasure chest book makes a wonderful gift for kids. It proves to be a step by step guide for children, to explore things. It can serve many purposes; say kids can use the top paper to write a word and the bottom to write the definition. It can be easily used as a personal diary as well.