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Find graduation crafts, craft projects for graduates and college student crafting ideas here.

Graduation Crafts

Graduation Crafts
Graduation is a very memorable day that holds a special place in everyone's life. If your loved one has recently graduated from school or college, then you can make the moment very special, by presenting Graduation gifts to him/her. Making the present at home would be the best bet, because it adds personal touch it. Graduation gift crafts are very easy to make, as they require easy-to-obtain materials. Since Graduation symbolizes a major achievement and success for the individual receiving the present, make use of the best ideas for making the craft. That way, the person receiving it would appreciate your thoughtfulness and cherish the present for many years to come.

Some graduation crafts discussed in this section are perfect for kids, the ones graduating from high school. Some of the crafts need to be personalized according to the age group of the individual. Such crafts are proved to be very useful and practical to the kids moving to college. Fitted bedspread in impermeable fabric and dorm quilts, with the name of the students embroidered on them, will certainly be appreciated, once their importance is realized, by those who receive them as graduation gifts. The graduation crafts can also be used as decorating items, which will always remind them of their special phase of life.

Baby Gift Box
Kids are more observant than most adults on how you present a gift. They will love to receive a personalized gift wrapped up in the beautiful box you have designed yourself for them. This beautiful box is easy to make

Bath Ice-cream Bomb
Bath and body crafts make bathing an altogether different, and much more pleasurable, experience. In this context, one of crafts that come to mind is the bath ice-cream bomb. You can easily bring a spa-like feel to your bath by adding handmade ice-cream bomb in it. As you add it to your bathtub, which if already full of warm water, it will relax you and invigorate you at the same time.

Beaded Bookmark
Bookmark is a nice gift to bestow upon people who love reading books. Small though, bookmark can be a useful present for the reading lot. You might wonder how a simple bookmark can serve as a wonderful present. Simple! All you need to do is take a material that is otherwise not used to make bookmark, and try making a beautiful craft out of it.

Celtic Knot Bookmark
Celtic knot bookmark can be a fun activity for kids and provide them with the perfect gift, to give on birthdays, holidays and family reunions. The bookmark can have several intricate patterns. It is a simple craft, which is very easy to make and can be a fun craft for children.

Clown Pouch
Though clown pouch may require advanced level of sewing skills, it is very useful craft. You can use it to keep letters and envelopes, laundry or your knick-knacks. You can make it longer to keep more clothes, but be sure that it should not be loaded much. It also looks beautiful and funky in kids' room.

Convertible Dress
A convertible dress is an amazing way to exhibit your talent and creativity. Gone are those days when you had to think about which dress to wear. Today, with the convertible dress, it is possible to make your presence felt, that too in several unique styles. This convertible dress is quite easy to make and requires basic sewing skills.

Fitted Bedspread
Fitted bedspreads look beautiful and elegant in a master bed room. While you can buy fitted bedspread from any linen shop, making it on your own can be economical as well as personalized. Moreover, it is advantageous over a throw- over bedspread, which can slip and fall.

Making Graduation Cap
A graduation party can never ever be complete without one thing and that is none other than the graduation cap. A graduation gown, only when paired with a graduation cap, becomes the perfect outfit to celebrate your child's achievement. The graduation day is a very special and big event for a person and therefore, you would want to make something for him/her, to commemorate the occasion.

Handmade Dorm Quilts
If you know the basic sewing skills and have a creative mind, then you can make beautiful quilts, pillow cases, blankets and clothing for your home, yourself. A handmade piece of clothing or comforter not only reduces the cost of purchasing the same from a shop, but also adds a personal touch to the interior decor of your home.