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Potted plant for teachers is a trash to treasure craft for kids and recycle craft for Teacher's Day.

Potted Plant for Teachers

Teacher's Day is a great occasion to express gratitude and thankfulness to your teacher and what better way to articulate the feeling than with a gift. Gifts, have long since, dominated the art of expressing thanks. This Teacher's Day, let your kindergartener make a special gift for his/her teacher. A personalized potted plant can be one of the best bets. Apart from being easy to make, it is extremely good to look at. You can grow the plant at home in a plastic jug, milk jug or any other creative vase idea, planting them at the beginning of the school year and your child can help to take care and water the special plant for his teacher. It will definitely make a special teacher appreciation gift. Read on to know how to make potted plant for teachers, as a gift for Teacher's Day.

Recycle Craft for Teacher's Day

Things You Will Need: