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Handmade fitted bedspread is one of the popular sewing home decor crafts. Learn how to make fitted bedspread here.

Handmade Fitted Bedspread

Fitted bedspreads look beautiful and elegant in a master bed room. While you can buy fitted bedspread from any linen shop, making it on your own can be economical as well as personalized. Moreover, it is advantageous over a throw- over bedspread, which can slip and fall. A fitted bedspread also gives a tailored look to your bed. It can easily be made to co-ordinate with your color scheme or decor of the room. Moreover, you can choose the fabric color that complements the color of the walls, curtains or furniture of your bed room. Explore the following lines to learn how to make fitted bedspread.

How To Make Fitted Bedspread

Materials Required