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Bath ice-cream bomb is an easy bath & body craft. Learn how to make soap craft here.

Bath Ice-cream Bomb

Bath and body crafts make bathing an altogether different, and much more pleasurable, experience. In this context, one of crafts that come to mind is the bath ice-cream bomb. You can easily bring a spa-like feel to your bath by adding handmade ice-cream bomb in it. As you add it to your bathtub, which if already full of warm water, it will relax you and invigorate you at the same time. These bath ice-cream bombs can also be gifted to your friends and loved ones, on special occasions. The bath Ice-cream bomb is quite fragrant and makes a beautiful bathroom accessory as well. You can some of the bath bombs neatly stacked in a large bowl and decorate them with fake cardboard wafers, to make them look like a real sundae scoop placed in your bathroom. Let us know more about the craft.

How To Make Bath Ice-cream Bomb

Material Required