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Find May Day crafts, May Day crafts for kids and May Day Spring crafting ideas here.

May Day Crafts

May Day Crafts
The 1st of May, known as May Day, is celebrated as the International Worker's Day. May Day also marks the beginning of summer. It is the time of year, when weather becomes warmer and flowers and trees start to blossom. It is usually a celebration of spring. It is also said to be a time of love and romance. On May Day, people celebrate the advent of summer, with expressions of joy and hope after a long, chilly winter. Flowers are always a part of this festive day. So, you can exchange flowers on this day to show your concern for your loved ones. You can also celebrate this May Day by creating beautiful crafts!

Since May Day is celebrated as the International Worker's Day, the crafts are thus meant for working people. Kids may make these gifts for dads, working moms, friends, neighbors, maids, servants and any service providers that they come by. The May Day crafts range from easy-to-make crafts to gift items. They include nice and cute gift craft projects and those, which represent the theme of May Day. You can easily adapt a craft to suit the May Day theme and make them more colorful to qualify as spring crafts. In our related section, we have briefly discussed about the crafts that can be made on May Day.

Apple Slice Gift Basket
Easter is celebrated with great dedication and devotion all around the world. On this occasion, people exchange gifts and wish their loved ones with good health and prosperity. One can find different kinds of gifts in the market, around Easter, suiting almost every pocket and choice.

Block Printed Writing Paper
Kids love to make different crafts and holidays present the best time for them to try some out. They can make some useful craft to be gifted to their parents or teachers on numerous occasions. In this context, one craft that comes into mind is the block printed writing paper.

Bracelets with Gems
Believe it or not - women are never too young or too old to flaunt their jewelry. Right from kindergarten kids to young girls and old women, every female loves to adore herself with a piece of jewelry. Bracelets are one of the top picked options for females. While teenagers can make any kind of bracelets, for a kindergartner, the craft should be one that is extremely easy to make.

Duct Tape Purse
In the present time, purse has ceased to be just a necessity, used by women for carrying various essential items, but also become a popular accessory, which females love to flaunt. The fashion buffs are especially keen about carrying different types of purses, matching their attire.

Helping Hand
Are you looking for a perfect gift option for your mom for Mother's Day? If yes, then you are at the right place. While anyone can get a gift from the market, this time be little different and make something special for your mom. Remember, moms never eye for expensive or pricey gifts.

Key Chain for Dads
Key chain is a great gift that a father will cherish forever. This craft is so easy for kids to make that it becomes a fun activity for them. Give this gift to a dad and you can immediately see the smile on his face. He will absolutely love it and carry it around proudly. Kids can make these special key chains for their dads, but it is necessary to let them do it only under adult supervision.

Making Fabric Lunch Sack
Fabric lunch sack is a quite simple and easy to make craft, having the added benefit of stylish looks and easily wash-ability. It can be used by children, teens and as well as office-going people, for carry their lunch. The lunch sack can make an excellent back to school craft project and also serve as a good party favor for your teens.

Recycled May Basket
May Day is celebrated on 1st of May as the International Worker's Day worldwide. People celebrate this day by presenting interesting gifts to each other. You can also make this day special by making May Day crafts for your dad, working mom, friends, neighbors, maids, servants and any service providers around you.

Safety Pin Bracelet
In case you are going to a party, but don't have the money to buy a gift, resorting to crafts is always the best option. One of the most inexpensive crafts comprises of a safety pin bracelet. Made mostly out of safety pins, it proves to be a very economical gift idea. Such bracelet is liked by kids, teen as well as ladies.

Smiley Stress Ball
Whether it's your friend's birthday or Father's Day, you want to gift something really special to these special people in your life. What about a smiley stress ball that can sit on their work desk, reminding them of you whenever they see it? These smiley stress balls are the perfect gift for every occasion.

Tabletop May Pole
Tabletop May Pole that can be used for several purposes, like as a pen holder or for storing small things (in order to clear up your desk and keep it organized) or even as a vase (to decorate the work desk with flowers). So, it makes an interesting gift idea for Father's Day.

Trash to Treasure Belt
Make a fashion statement with Venetian blinds weights. This rough and tough heavy-duty belt goes well as an accessory with jeans or your leather trousers. Tie it around your waist and show it off or gift it to your fashionable and yet sporty friends and earn the appreciation that you deserve.