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Beaded Bookmark is one of the easy beading crafts. Learn how to make beaded bookmark craft here.

Beaded Bookmark

Bookmark is a nice gift to bestow upon people who love reading books. Small though, bookmark can be a useful present for the reading lot. You might wonder how a simple bookmark can serve as a wonderful present. Simple! All you need to do is take a material that is otherwise not used to make bookmark, and try making a beautiful craft out of it. Your loved one will not only appreciate your thoughtfulness, but also cherish the gift for many years to come, until he/she is bored of the reading habit! Not only adults, kids and teenagers can also make a beaded bookmark in minimal expenses and efforts. It looks beautiful and works well as party favor and a casual gift. One can easily use it at home and make reading fun. Check out the following lines to get the instructions on making beaded bookmark.

How To Make Beaded Bookmark Craft

Things You Will Need