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Handmade dorm quilts make interesting graduation craft ideas and useful college quilting craft projects.

Handmade Dorm Quilts

If you know the basic sewing skills and have a creative mind, then you can make beautiful quilts, pillow cases, blankets and clothing for your home, yourself. A handmade piece of clothing or comforter not only reduces the cost of purchasing the same from a shop, but also adds a personal touch to the interior décor of your home. Moreover, you can save a lot of money, because you have to purchase only a few supplies (the raw materials) from the stores. If you like making quilts, then you can finish the project on your own or you can just prepare the quilt covering and let the quilt guild take it over. College graduates will find your dorm quilts a very practical gift, especially when their name is embroidered on it. Check out the article and get the instructions for making handmade dorm quilts.

College Quilting Craft Project

Things You Will Need