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Map Holder for kids is one of the travel crafts for children. Learn how to make map holder here.

Map Holder for Kids

Map holders have immense utility and make great craft option for both, teenagers and adults alike. Adventurous kids will love to use their map holders, while playing treasure hunt games. They can actually be used to keep maps safe, while traveling and driving around. An easy and inexpensive craft, kids will love to make and own this map holder. Also, it can serve as the best bet, when it comes to party favors for pre-teens and teens. Though there are a number of map holders on the market that help keep your map dry and readable, you can make one on your own that would be both, inexpensive and waterproof. If you are wondering how to make map holder, look no further. In the following lines, we have provided instructions for making map holder for kids.

How To Make Map Holder

Things You Will Need: