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Smiley Stress Ball is an easy balloon craft for Father's Day. Know how to make stress ball from balloon here.

Smiley Stress Ball

Whether it's your friend's birthday or Father's Day, you want to gift something really special to these special people in your life. What about a smiley stress ball that can sit on their work desk, reminding them of you whenever they see it? These smiley stress balls are the perfect gift for every occasion. They can also be used as the decoration piece for your own room. In fact, you can use them as party favors on your birthday as well. The balls, with their cute smile, will also serve as a great stress reliever. Smiley stress balls are very easy to make and require little time. Making these balls is a fun activity for children as well, which they will certainly enjoy. Below, we are providing instructions to help you in making smiley stress ball.

How To Make Smiley Stress Ball From Balloon

Material Required