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Baby Turkey Prints is one of the Thanksgiving crafts for babies. Learn how to make turkeys using hand and foot prints.

Baby Turkey Prints

Thanksgiving Day gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with your family, especially your little kids. And what better way to utilize this time with your children than to involve them in some interesting crafts. One of the crafts which kids will surely love to make is the baby turkey craft. Simple and less time-consuming, it can also be turned into an interesting family activity for Thanksgiving. In fact, it can be the best Thanksgiving gift for parents who have small kids. Children will love to participate in the making of this turkey craft, as it uses the cutouts of their hand and feet tracings. You can also keep the turkey prints as mementos, with the exact date of the craft written on the back. Later on, your children will be able to enjoy them, comparing the growing size of their hands and feet as well as sharing earlier Thanksgiving memories.

How to Make Turkeys Using Baby Hand and Foot Prints

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