Turkey Balloon for Thanksgiving is one of the Thanksgiving balloon crafts. Read how to make Balloon Turkeys here.

Turkey Balloon for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an official holiday celebrated in Canada and US. On this occasion, people arrange dinner for their family members and friends. If you have also invited kids for dinner, along with their parents, then you have to think about few activities to entertain these little guests. What about making crafts, which can keep them busy for a long time? in this context, turkey balloons make an interesting kids' craft. It can be easily prepared, taking even less than an hour. Children will love to dress their turkey balloons and later, can use them for Thanksgiving party games as well. One such game idea can be a race, where all the kids have to bop their turkey balloons to the end line, without letting it fall. Whoever reaches the line first, wins. Let us know how to make the craft.

How To Make Balloon Turkeys

Material Required