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Making royal Easter eggs is trash to treasure Easter eggs craft project and one of the jeweled Easter egg crafts.

Making Royal Easter Eggs

Royal Easter eggs present an interesting craft, which is also easy enough to be made by kids. They can be presented as gift to your friends and relatives on Easter or to your mom on Mother's Day. These royal decorated eggs can also be used as table centerpieces for Easter dinner. All you need to make them is some cheap or fake jewellery items or beads from broken and outdated jewellery pieces. If you can find a broken wine glass stem, it can make an excellent crystal stand for your egg or else you may buy any other cheap egg stand from market. This is almost a 'Trash to Treasure' craft project, as mostly uses recycled items are used in making it. In the following lines, we have given the method of preparing royal Easter eggs.

How To Make Jeweled Easter Egg Craft

Material Required