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Coloring reed baskets is a popular basketry craft for holiday decoration. Know how to make colored reed basket here.

Coloring Reed Baskets

Colorful reed baskets are wonderful gift items. Colorful wood stains and painting can make your reed baskets look even more beautiful and chic. You can put flowers in the baskets and use them to decorate your front door. You can also use colorful reed baskets as a table centerpiece. They can also be used for holiday and festive decoration. Fill a basket with knick-knacks, goodies and fruits and use it as a gift for special occasions. The personalized gift will not cost you much and will certainly touch the heart of your friends and loved ones. Coloring reed baskets is quite easy to make, because it doesn't consume much time. Check out the instructions in the following lines and learn how to make colored reed baskets.

How To Make Colored Reed Baskets

Materials Required