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Here you will find easy landscape drawing and landscape drawing for kids. Learn how to draw landscapes here.

Easy Landscape Drawing

Kids often find making landscapes difficult; especially, the ones that are not so endowed with artistic skills. Here, we will tell you how to make an easy and beautiful hillside landscape. We will use easy patterns to sketch the basic landscape and then, you can details by experimenting with colors. It makes a perfect pastime for kindergarten kids or older children too.

Things You Will Need:
  • Drawing Paper
  • Sketch Pens
  • Wax Crayons
  • About one quarter from the top of the paper, draw a gentle wavy horizontal line.
  • Just below it draw another wavy horizontal line but not parallel to the one above and waves going up and down in random pattern.
  • Draw a third line a little lower than the second line but with greater distance than the first and the second line.
  • Fourth line should be at an even greater distance below the third line than the distance between the second and the third line.
  • Now extend the end of waves in such a manner that the waves join the line underneath them.
  • Join the first line waves with the second, second line waves with the third and finally the third line waves with the fourth.
  • These are the hills of our landscape.
  • Now add details like bushes and tree on these hills. The further away the bushes and trees are, the smaller and less detailed they are. Some of them might be partly hidden by hills in the foreground.
  • Now add some lines parallel to vertical slope of the hills here and there to represent fields and their furrows.
  • You can also make hedges randomly in the background with broken double lines for fields where cattle can graze.
  • You may want to add a farmhouse in the middle of your picture.
  • The farmhouse will need a road over the hills that can be made by two wavy lines across the hills converging a bit towards the farmhouse.
  • In another direction you may also want to add blue steam with few gently zigzag lines for water.
  • Now add details and color to your landscape using crayons, pastels, felt tips or paint.
  • The fields and hills further away from you will be in lighter shade of green.
  • Your landscape is now ready to show off.